Online Marketing Expert for products that require some education to understand

Hi, I’m Robert Blessing.

I help B2B software companies to grow their business – through a holistic, conversion-focused approach to online marketing.

In doing so, I support especially in paid traffic & conversion, marketing funnels & automation as well as re-positioning.

Specialized in products that require some education to understand such as SaaS, B2B, online courses, coaching, etc.

Does your company have no established brand that everybody recognizes?

And you don’t have a multi-million Euro ad budget for branding?

You don’t need either to successfully sell online.

Trust in your products and services can also be built up without a high level of awareness and huge advertising budgets.

But it requires a conversion-focused approach to online marketing – an approach that simultaneously provides branding AND increases sales.

I specialized in products that require some education to understand like Software as a Service (SaaS), B2B Services (Coaching, Consulting) and Online Courses (Ebooks, etc):

The ‘sales cycle’ is usually longer here and begins with the generation of leads.

While many marketing experts only care about MQLs (marketing qualified leads), I believe that marketing should be involved in every step of the funnel.

For example, Online Marketing can help build trust via lead-nurturing with automated email campaigns; or via retargeting ads to support the conversion funnels.

My Marketing Principles

For a successful collaboration it is important that we agree on certain marketing principles:

#There is not one magic ‘growth hack’: rather there are many small tests and the learnings applied from them, which then leverage success.

#Customer-focused: you can’t grow your business without understanding your customers. Marketing therefore inevitably needs to talk to customers in order to truly understand their problems and challenges.

#Conversion-focused: paid marketing should mostly be spent on traffic that converts (or at least has clear measurable goals).

#Marketing automation and funnel thinking: only if Marketing (together with Sales, Product & CS) optimizes and automates every step of the Customer Journey, visitors convert to customers and customers become loyal, returning buyers.


Companies I’ve worked with

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