How to track which ad campaign is the best performing lead source (ROI-wise) with Infusionsoft

Robert Blessing

Aktualisiert: July 14, 2015

If you run a lot of different ads to get new leads & to turn those leads into customers you want to know how effective your ad campaigns are.

Ad networks like Facebook, Google or Twitter will give you information about the cost per acquisition (CPA) of each ad. But they don’t provide reporting about which ad campaign is generating the highest revenue.

Wouldn’t it be great to compare the ROI of your different lead gen ad campaigns?

Knowing the net revenue per lead (customer lifetime value) you then could calculate the max. CPA that you are willing to pay for each paid traffic source.

Inside Infusionsoft you can generate a so called “Lead Source ROI” report, but you can’t trust this report as the numbers are (in most cases) not correct.

Let me explain why your Infusionsoft Lead Source ROI reporting data is wrong:

Infusionsoft handles lead sources like your birthday; once defined it will never change.

[Tweet “Infusionsoft is designed to only apply just ONE lead source to each contact.”]

So once the contact has a lead source Infusionsoft will never overwrite this lead source value.

This sounds right in theory, but in most cases (e.g. if you use Infusionsoft to automate your conversion funnels) a contact will be added to not only ONE buy MANY funnels like e.g. nurture sequences, tripwire offers, core product pitches and other follow up series.

So to get the information about which ad campaigns caused a prospect to join a certain funnel, you have to use a workaround. Probably the simplest and best way is to apply a TAG to the contact for each ad campaign the contact opted in to join a funnel.

The problem is that Infusionsoft’s Lead Source ROI report isn’t taking tags into account. It just segments by lead source and hence a contact would not be counted in the report for the lead source she opted in the 2nd time. That’s why Infusionsoft’s Lead Source ROI report isn’t helpful.

Unfortunately Infusionsoft is not providing any TAG ROI report (nor any ROI reporting by tag categories).

So you have to manually pull the tag count inside Infusionsoft and calculate all by yourself in a spreadsheet. This is some manual work, but the good thing is the data is then accurate.

How do you track lead source ROI of your ad campaigns?

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!