Why the standard Wishlist member – Infusionsoft integration kills customer satisfaction and how to fix it

Robert Blessing

Aktualisiert: June 22, 2015

One of the most popular membership plugins for WordPress is Wishlist member. It is easy to install (as it is just a WordPress plugin) and helps you to protect your pages, manage user accounts and different membership levels.

But when you want to connect Wishlist member with Infusionsoft you will face 2 major problems.

Problem #1: Wishlist member does not let you automatically create accounts for your customers.
When using Wishlist members’s (standard) integration, new customers have to create their user account for your membership site by themselves. Therefore wishlist member provides a registration form that you have to show on your thank you page, so that the buyer can choose their username and password.

I experienced that many buyers bounce when they get to the Wishlist member registration form. They don’t understand that they have to create their account by themselves.

Also not all users will see your thank you page: for example, if you’ve added one click upsells right after the main check out page, buyers who abandon your upsell page will then not see your thank you page. Hence they will not get to the step where you ask them to create their username and password. This results then in annoyed customers who can’t access your protected content instantly after purchase.

The problem with the normal Wishlist registration process is even bigger for existing users: If the buyer already has a user account at your membership site (e.g. because she bought another product in the past) then this user has to sign in on your thank you page with her existing username and password to get the new membership level associated to her account (this is the wishlist member logic, other ways it does not work).

The problem is that many buyers don’t understand that the first log in has to be on this thank you page. Many will log in later via your standard login page, but then will not have access to the new product / content they have purchased.

So how can you make the user account creation process less complicated so that it is more intuitive and user friendly?

Wouldn’t it be better to skip the registration step entirely?

We decided so.

Now once a customer paid, we automatically create a Wishlist member account for this customer (or update their existing account by adding access to the corresponding membership level).

So there is no need anymore to ask the user to create their username and password.

To understand how we achieve this automatic user account set up, let me first explain how we connect Wishlist member with Infusionsoft (problem #2):

We decided to connect Wishlist member with Infusionsoft’s campaign builder. There you can add a “Send HTTP Post” object. This HTTP post let’s you post information from Infusionsoft to any other service without having to develop custom API code. So this is really great, as it makes it very easy to set it up directly inside Infusionsoft’s campaign builder:

  • When a purchase goal is reached (or a purchase tag is applied) in Infusionsoft, we then use this event as a trigger to send an HTTP post.
  • All we do is adding a HTTP post inside the campaign builder to post the buyer information (email and membership level) to Wishlist member so that automatically a new user account is created.
  • Correctly speaking are we not posting information directly to Wishlist member, but to a page (owned by us) that runs a custom script which extracts the data from the post URL and uses that data to create (or update) a user account in Wishlist member.

So, summing up, with this integration we solve both important issues that is normally caused by the standard wishlist member integration:

  1. We have an easy to implement integration between Infusionsoft and Wishlist member (as we just do the set up inside Infusionsoft’s campaign builder). The only hassle is to set up the custom script and post URL. But this is a one time setup. (If you need help with setting that up, just let us know.)
  2. Accounts for Your Members are created automatically inside Wishlist Member. This improves your buying process significantly. Your customer support doesn’t have to deal any more with buyers who can’t login. Your buyers will receive an email with their username, password and login URL, so that they can instantly log in.

How have you solved these problems?

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below! Please also comment in case you are interested in an external tool / plugin handling all the things I described above (if we see there is enough interest, we will create a public version out of it.)