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Online Marketing
for B2B SaaS & eCommerce

Campaign Management & Marketing Strategies for SaaS & eCommerce

I help eCommerce & B2B SaaS companies to grow through Online Marketing & Sales. If necessary, I moderate positioning workshops for new SaaS product launches or pivots. I take over your Google Ads and/or LinkedIn Ads account and optimize your campaigns. And I take care that your tools are linked and automated as much as possible.

Google & LinkedIn Campaigns

I take over the complete campaign management of your Google Ads and/or LinkedIn Ads accounts.

Marketing Automation & CRM

I help you to connect all tools & to implement intelligent automations (Email / CRM).


Re-Positionierung of SaaS solutions

Your customers don’t understand what you’re doing? Do they always compare you to competitors? Then it’s time to revise your positioning.


60 Min Strategy Calls & Marketing-Audits

Receive feedback on the issues that concern you – whether campaign strategy, ad copy, remarketing, nurturing, etc.

1:1 Coaching

Do you need online marketing advice and help tailored to your situation and niche? You don’t want a standard solution, but ideas specifically tailored to your needs? And you want someone who can answer your questions and support you? Then my 1:1 coaching might be right for you. Here I offer completely customized support in the form of video calls & answering further questions by email.

Contact me now to find out more about my 1:1 coaching and if there are currently spots available.

My Marketing Principles

For a successful collaboration it is important that we agree on certain marketing principles:

#There is not one magic ‘growth hack’: rather there are many small tests and the learnings applied from them, which then leverage success.

#Customer-focused: you can’t grow your business without understanding your customers. Marketing therefore inevitably needs to talk to customers in order to truly understand their problems and challenges.

#Conversion-focused: paid marketing should mostly be spent on traffic that converts (or at least has clear measurable goals).

#Marketing automation and funnel thinking: only if Marketing (together with Sales, Product & CS) optimizes and automates every step of the Customer Journey, visitors convert to customers and customers become loyal, returning buyers.


Companies I’ve worked with

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Optimize your online marketing and growth strategy with regular support from a freelance marketing expert.